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Původní celosvětové vydání:


   1. "Tailgunner" (Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris) – 4:15

   2. "Holy Smoke" (Dickinson, Harris) – 3:49

   3. "No Prayer for the Dying" (Harris) – 4:23

   4. "Public Enema Number One" (Dickinson, Dave Murray) – 4:13

   5. "Fates Warning" (Murray, Harris) – 4:12

   6. "The Assassin" (Harris) – 4:35

   7. "Run Silent Run Deep" (Dickinson, Harris) – 4:35

   8. "Hooks in You" (Dickinson, Adrian Smith) – 4:08

   9. "Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter" (Dickinson) – 4:45

  10. "Mother Russia" (Harris) – 5:32


Znovuvydání 1995 s bonusy:


   1. "All In Your Mind" (Stray cover)

   2. "Kill Me Ce Soir" (Golden Earring cover)

   3. "I'm A Mover" (Free cover)

   4. "Communication Breakdown" (Led Zeppelin cover)


Remaster 1998:


1. "Tailgunner" (Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris) – 4:15

   2. "Holy Smoke" (Dickinson, Harris) – 3:49

   3. "No Prayer for the Dying" (Harris) – 4:23

   4. "Public Enema Number One" (Dickinson, Dave Murray) – 4:13

   5. "Fates Warning" (Murray, Harris) – 4:12

   6. "The Assassin" (Harris) – 4:35

   7. "Run Silent Run Deep" (Dickinson, Harris) – 4:35

   8. "Hooks in You" (Dickinson, Adrian Smith) – 4:08

   9. "Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter" (Dickinson) – 4:45

  10. "Mother Russia" (Harris) – 5:32




1. Tailgunner




Trace your way back 50 years

To the Glow of Dresden - blood and tears

In the black above by the cruel searchlight

Men will die and men will fight - yeah!

Who shot who and who fired first?

Dripping death to whet the blood thirst

No radar lock on - skin and bone

The bomber boys are going home



Climb into the sky never wonder why - Tailgunner

You're a Tailgunner



Nail that Fokker kill that son,

Gonna blow your guts out with my gun,

The weather forecasts good for War

Cologne and Frankfurt? have some more!

Tail end Charlie in the boiling sky

The Enola Gay was my last try

Now that this Tailgunner's gone

No more Bombers (just one big bomb)




2. Holy Smoke




Believe in me - send no money

Died on the cross and that ain't funny

But my so called friends are making me a joke

They missed out what I said like I never spoke

They choose what they wanna hear - they don't tell a lie

They just leave out the truth as they're watching you die

Saving your souls by taking your money

Flies round shit, bees around honey.



Holy Smoke, Holy Smoke, plenty bad preachers for

The Devil to stoke

Feed 'em in feet first this is no joke

This is thirsty work making Holy Smoke


Jimmy Reptile and all his friends

Say they gonna be with you at the end

Burning records, burning books

Holy soldiers Nazi looks

Crocodile smiles just wait a while

Till the TV Queen gets her make up clean

I've lived in filth I've lived in sin

And I still smell cleaner than the shit you're in




They ain't religious but they ain't no fools

When Noah built his Cadillac it was cool

Two by two they're still going down

And the satellite circus just left town

I think they're strange and when they're dead

They can have a Lincoln for their bed

Friend of the President - trick of the tail

Now they ain't got a prayer - 100 years in jail




3. No Prayer For The Dying




There are times when I've wondered

And times when I've cried

When my prayers they were answered

At times when I've lied

But if you asked me a question

Would I tell you the truth

Now there's something to bet on

You've got nothing to lose


When I've sat by the window

And gazed at the rain

With an ache in my heart

But never feeling the pain

And if you would tell me

Just what my life means

Walking a long road

Never reaching the end


God give me the answer to my life

God give me the answer to my dreams

God give me the answer to my prayers

God give me the answer to my begins


4. Public Enema Number One




When it all comes down the line,

And the lights they turn to greed

And you race off with your tires screaming

Rolling Thunder,

And the people choke with poison

Children cry in fear

But you've got your fast bullet,

One way ticket outta here



Fall on your knees today

And pray the world will mend its way

Get to your feet again

Refugees from the heartbreak and the pain


In the cities in the streets

There's a tension you can feel

The breaking strain is fast approaching

Guns and Riots

Politicians gamble and lie to save their skins

And the Press get fed the scapegoats

Public Enema number one




A million network slaves

In an advertising new age

I don't need a crystal ball to sell ya

Your children have more brains

Than your drug infested remains

California dreaming as the Earth dies screaming




5. Fates Warning




Why is it some of us are destined to stay alive

And some of us are here just so that we'll die

How come the bullet hits the other guy

Do we have to try and reason why



Be it the Devil or be it him

You can count on just one thing

When the time is up you'll know

Not just one power runs the show


Are we the lucky ones saved for another day

Or they the lucky ones who are taken away

Is it a hand on your shoulder from the Lord above

Or the Devil himself come to give you a shove.




A volcano erupts and sweeps a town away

A hurricane devastates the cities in its way

The grief and misery for the ones that are left behind

The worst is yet to come a hell to face mankind




6. The Assassin




Now the contracts out

They've put the word about

I'm coming after you


It's not the money I make

It's the thrill of the chase

And I'm coming after you


I watch your every move

Study the things you do

And the pattern of your ways


I watch the way you walk

I hear your telephone talk

I want to understand the way you think



Better watch out, cos I'm the Assassin

Better watch out, Better watch out



I'm in a cold cold sweat

I taste the smell of death

I know the moment's getting closer


And as you walk to the light

I feel my hands go tight

Excitement running through my veins


I've got you in my sights

I've got you dead to rights

The triggers waiting for my finger


I feel adrenalin rush

It's just the final touch

You can kiss your arse goodbye




7. Run Silent Run Deep


[Harris / Dickinson]


The convoy lights are dead ahead

The Merchantmen lay in their bed,

The trump of... diesels hammers down,

In the oily sea - the killing ground,

His knuckles white his eyes alight,

He slams the hatch on the deadly night,

A cunning fox in the chickens lair

A hound of hell and the devil don't care



Running silent, Running deep, we are your final prayer,

Warriors in secret sleep, a merchantman's nightmare,

A silent death lies waiting, for all of you below,

Running silent, Running deep, sink into your final sleep


Chill the hearts of fighting men,

In open ocean wondering when?

The lethal silver fish will fly

The boat will shiver - men will die

A cast of millions - a part of play

Killer? Victim? or fool for a day

Obeying an order - men have to die

Us or them - a well rehearsed lie




The lifeboats shattered the hull is torn,

The tar black smell of burning oil,

On the way down to Davy Jones,

Every man for himself - you're on your own

The wolf eyes watch the crosswire

"Stern tubes ready", "Aim and fire!"

They can pin some medal on your chest,

But in two more weeks - dead like the rest




8. Hooks In You


[Dickinson / Smith]


I got the keys to view at number 22

Behind my Green door there's nothing to see

Is that a feature, what kind of creature,

Would hang around waiting for a guy like me

Stone cold sober and sitting in silence, laid

back and looking for sympathy

I like a girl who knows where she's bound

I don't like girls who've been hanging around



Hooks in you, hooks in me, hooks in the ceiling

For that well hung feeling

No big deal, no big sin, strung up on love I

Got the hooks screwed in




She's tied up she can't come to the phone,

You must have got your wires crossed cos she ain't home

Knock on wood - you know I like that sound

She never could keep her feet on the ground




Hooks in you, I've got those hooks in you

Hooks in you, in you


Right on the money got it wrapped up tight

New ideas for the decor tonight

Gonna make this house a preservation zone

Gonna set her in concrete set her up on her own




9. Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter




Honey it's getting close to midnight

And all the myths are still in town

True love and lipstick on your linen

Bite the pillow make no sound

If there's some living to be done

Before your life becomes your tomb

You'd better know that I'm the one

So unchain your back door invite me around



Bring your daughter, bring your daughter to the slaughter

Let her go, let her go, let her go


Honey it's getting close to daybreak

The sun is creeping in the sky

No patent remedies for heartache

Just empty words and humble pie

So get down on your knees honey

Assume an attitude

You just pray that I'll be waiting

Cos you know I'm coming soon


So pick up your foolish pride, no going back

No where, no way, no place to hide




10. Mother Russia




Mother Russia how are you sleeping

Middle winter cold winds blow

From the trees the snowflakes drifting

Swirling round like ghosts in the snow


Mother Russia poetry majestic

Tells the time of a great empire

Turning round the old man ponders

Reminiscing an age gone by


Mother Russia

Dance of the Tsars

Hold up your heads

Be proud of what you are

Now it has come

Freedom at last

Turning the tides of history

And your past


Mother Russia

Dance of the Tsars

Hold up your heads

Remember who you are

Can you release

The anger the grief

Can you be happy

Now your people are free



Původní obal


Remasterovaný obal


Datum vydání



Doba nahrávání

červen - září 1990


Místo nahrávání

přestavěná stodola Steva Harrise, Essex, Anglie

Battery Studios, Londýn (pouze mix)


Celková délka

44:25 min






Martin Birch



Rod Smallwood


Umístění v UK charts




Bruce Dickinson - zpěv

Steve Harris - baskytara, doprovodný zpěv

Dave Murray - kytara

Janick Gers - kytara, doprovodný zpěv

Nicko McBrain - bicí


Singly k albu

Holy Smoke


Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter


Ilustrátor obalu

Derek Riggs



No Prayer On The Road 1990/1991

Předkapely Iron Maiden

Wolfsbane, Anthrax, King's X

Setlist tour

Intro: 633 Squadron Theme
Public Enema Number One
Die With Your Boots On
Hallowed Be Thy Name
22, Acacia Avenue
Holy Smoke
The Assassin
No Prayer For The Dying
Hooks In You
The Clairvoyant
2 Minutes To Midnight
The Trooper
Heaven Can Wait
Iron Maiden
The Number Of The Beast
Bring Your Daughter... ...To The Slaughter
Run To The Hills
The Prisoner
The Evil That Men Do


Holy Smoke



Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter



První album po odchodu Adriana Smithe ze skupiny v sobě zahrnuje ještě část jeho práce. Ač se Adrian vyloženě nevyjádřil, že chce ze skupiny odejít, jeho vlažný přístup k práci donutil Steva k radikálnímu kroku, když těsně před nahráváním nového alba přijal na post kytaristy Janicka Gerse, který už v minulosti spolupracoval s Brucem Dickinsonem na jeho sólovém albu "Tattooed Millionaire".

A právě z Brucova pera vzešel největší hit alba s názvem "Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter", který byl původně určen pro film "Noční můra z Elm Street 5" a který dle tvrzení byl napsaný během dvou minut. Podle vzpomínek měla píseň skončit na Brucově sólovém albu, ale v momentě, kdy ji Steve uslyšel, nedal jinak, že musí skončit na novém albu Iron Maiden, což Bruce velice potěšilo, takže s radostí souhlasil. Tento především pódiový hit se na dlouhou dobu usadil v repertoáru kapely.

Deska se nahrávala v mobilním studiu Rolling Stones v upravené stodole, stojící na Stevově pozemku. V době, kdy se Steve rozhodl pozvat mobilní studio si Adrian uvědomil, že přispěl pouze jednou písní "Hooks In You" a tak trochu zpanikařil. Navíc se cítil být ideově "vyždímán" díky svému projektu ASAP. A tak na otázku zda chce se skupinou pokračovat odpověděl, že neví. Proto skupina udělala rozhodnutí za něj a zavolala Janickovi. O tři dny později už byl u Steva ve Stodole a zkoušel. Vše šlapalo na 100%. O den později se začlo nahrávat album.

Po uvedení na trh 1.října 1990 vylétla deska na 2. místo britské hitparády a opět sklízela úspěch po celém světě kromě Ameriky. Ta zaznamenala pokles prodeje a ústup "pouze" na zlatou desku, když se prodalo jen půl milionu kusů.

Druhý singl k desce vydaný v lednu 1991 právě s názvem "Bring Your...", vylétl poprvé v historii Iron Maiden v Británii na první pozici, kde se navíc udržel celé tři dlouhé týdny. Po studiově a hudebně  vyumělkovaných albech "Somewhere In Time" a "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" znamenala deska "No Prayer For The Dying" návrat k syrovosti, která byla typická pro zvuk skupiny v první polovině osmdesátých let.